Starting a Business During a Pandemic

August 11, 2020 / NoVa Digital Marketing

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You are probably thinking about opening a business but are scared of taking the first step, particularly during COVID-19. We don’t blame you– we’ve also watched the news about the downturns companies such as Airbnb and Disney are going through. 

If huge companies are going through difficult times, my business is definitely not going to survive– you are probably thinking. We hate to say you’re wrong. To this, we like to say “where there’s a will there’s a way.” As our society continues to face new challenges in adjusting to our “new normal,” new services and products arise, meaning, now is the time to open your new business. 

One month right before the pandemic lock-down, NoVa Law Firm came to us looking for ways to expand their business to new horizons. They are a law firm formed by a group of young lawyers with diverse backgrounds. Just after one month their office opened, New York was declared a state of emergency. All offices had to close to the public, many businesses went bankrupt before even trying to maintain their business afloat. As soon as we knew about the possibility of a lockdown, our began a digital marketing strategy for the law firm.

The way we had to structure and execute this plan had to be well thought through, as we never faced a situation where a just inaugurated  company had to make business during a lockdown in order to survive. Lucky for us, they trusted NoVa Digital Marketing plan which consisted of adjusting to the needs their clients had without leaving their homes. As of today, we continue to work hard in order to maintain their followers and clients up-to-date regarding any immigration law change. Our strategies immediately created a community that was ready to come into their office as soon as New York started phase 4. Thus far, their clientele has grown significantly compared to other companies that have opted out of digital marketing services.

Our digital marketing plans, once again, have been proven. Our plan for Nova Law Firm was to show their community that they were there for them even through this difficult time which translates into brand reputation. We were also able to create Facebook ads to  generate interaction and engagement in order to create trust and loyalty between the law firm and prospect clients.


Now that businesses such as Nova Law Firm are able to see clients in their offices, not only have they built an impeccable reputation, but they have also built a community that is now their loyal clients. Their ads not only are translated into engagement but also a huge percentage of incoming traffic is converting into leads.


Our piece of advice is: don’t be afraid to jump into the adventure of opening a new business… as long as you have a good marketing plan to back you up.

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