NoVa Law Firm opened its doors to the public in February 2020. We started creating the brand in December 2019. NoVa is an immigration, Family law and Criminal Law firm formed by young multicultural attorneys. So we strived to create something that reflected the passion of these young attorneys and their cultural backgrounds, without losing the essence and seriousness of a law firm.

Services we provide:

Individual Attention

We are providing NoVa Law Firm with Social Media Management service in order to give their customers the best and undecided attention when their clients contact them through any of their social media channels. We absolutely believe that any interaction with a customer through Facebook, Instagram, etc., should feel as if the attorneys or paralegals are directly speaking with the customer.

Content Creation

During the time of Covid-19, we have found ways to continue creating content, such as videos and graphics, based on the immigration department news, that way their customers feel as they are being informed, without leaving their houses. We have also created campaigns that provide people with free consultations during this pandemic, which has elevated the reputation of the law firm.

Website Development

Developed with WordPress, as all of our websites, NoVa Law Firm's website has a simple-to-manage design, for their visitors to easily find the information their looking for. Most importantly, their website contains the right words for SEO ranking.

Print Content

We studied their market during the brand creation process, and we found that many people in their market are still used to print ads. Therefore, we’ve created printed material for NoVa Law Firm such as standing banners, flyers, newspaper ads, etc. to bring brand awareness to those that are not connected to the social media world.

What we've accomplished together


People reach the Facebook page organically every month.

54 Leads

An average of 54 people get in contact, daily, to either book a phone or office consultation.


People are reached with paid ads, spending as low as $20 per campaign.

What they say about us:

“I’ve trusted the marketing of my business to NoVa for a year now. They’re professional, creative and effective.”

Philip Velez, Attorney


“Their ads are 100% effective. Our customers always say they found us on “Google” so that means our page is ranking in the area”

Jian Chen, Attorney

Some of the content created for NLF