Explaining Brand Positioning.

August 31st, 2020 / NoVa Digital Marketing

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You’ve probably heard this term many times and wonder what it really means. Let’s try to condense this term the best possible way.

It is, essentially, the first step into building your business/brand. Brand positioning is the process in which you answer basic questions that will enable you to present the brand exactly they way you want it to be perceived and, if done correctly, will create a permanent connection with your customers.

In this process, you will basically think as if you were your own customer: what do you want to see in this company? What value will they be adding to my life? What makes them different from the rest of its competitors? These question will help you identify your target market. Also, these questions will “humanize” your brand which results in having a “deeper” connection between the brand and its audience.

We like to think about it as “the company’s first impression” and we can all agree that first impressions matter, right? 


For instance, let’s talk about one of the brands we manage at our office: Nova Law Firm.

At Nova Law Firm, they offer different services, one of them being immigration law. We sat down to discuss they way in which their market interacts with other firms that offer the same service, by answering basic questions such as how they’d be adding value to their target market. This process doesn’t just enable them to simply sell a service, but it primarily gives their customers a reason to connect with them and stay with them, regardless of the high amount of competitors in their area. What do they do differently than the others? Nova Attorneys offer free immigration consultations, they keep their social media up-to-date about immigration news, and also keep their customers informed via a weekly radio show which is also transmitted via Facebook Live. We are always finding ways to add value to their customers’ lives without getting “anything” in exchange. The fact that Nova Law Firm offers a unique and personal experience with their customers, is what positions a brand in the market.

Business owners, often, tend to ignore the fact that there are billions of business offering the same services/products, and opt out of brand positioning. This is a major mistake– especially during these times where new business are created every 30 minutes around the world. Positioning your brand gives your customers various reasons to choose you over your competitors. 

Although brand positioning is a process at an early stage of building a brand, it is also something that needs to be taken care of periodically. Consistency is the key, you must always be innovative with the brand– doesn’t mean you’ll “re-brand” your business but you always have to keep up with what your customers expect from you. 

Remember, brand positioning is planning how you want your customers to remember you, so take time crafting your brand… it will pay off.

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