Don't Just Rely On Word-of-Mouth

July 20, 2020 / NoVa Digital Marketing

You shouldnt rely on word of mouth-01

Yes, word-of-mouth is a way to get customers but you can’t completely rely on it.

Have you seen Facebook, Instagram, Apple, talking about word-of-mouth as a marketing strategy?

It is no secret that word of mouth “marketing” had its peak back in the days, when internet wasn’t really a thing. It is also no secret that Marketing is constantly evolving at a rapid speed and there are million ways to do marketing but not all are the correct ways and not all fit all markets. Word-of-mouth is still a way to get clients but solidly relying  on it could be a dangerous move for the growth of your business. It’s like leaving your business in the hands of a stranger who is certainly not a salesperson. You don’t know how they’re going to present your business, even if it’s one of your most valuable customers. Why do that when you have the power of using digital marketing strategies to present your business the way you want to be perceive? 


Word of mouth won’t allow your business to expand the way you’d like it to. It is a limited way to get customers and it will eventually get to a point where it’ll stop spreading and your business will stop growing. We admit it is helpful for startups because it is a way to increase your clientele without spending a dime, but it is also risky move because, as a new business in the market, you want to be able to reach people without limits, you want to be able to establish your brand, your product or your service right from the very beginning. 


Time is money, and waiting on your customers to go around telling others about your company is a waste of time. You don’t exactly know when they’re going to come to you and not being able to measure this dynamic, especially when your business is new, affects the way you manage the time you invest into your company. 

Another reason to avoid completely relying on word of mouth is that most people tend to go on the internet and do their own research before purchasing a product or service. If your company’s online presence hasn’t been established, people will automatically reject the “advise” your customer provide them with. If it is not on the internet, it doesn’t exist.


Due to the nature of today’s competitive world, it is extremely important that your business starts to looking into effective ways to expand your reach and increase your leads. Don’t sit back, get too comfortable and expect your business to grow based on word of mouth. Leave word-of-mouth as your plan Z and start a digital marketing strategy to help get your business to the top.

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