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You Shouldn't Rely On Word-of-Mouth

Yes, word-of-mouth is a way to get customers but you can't completely rely on it. Have you seen Facebook, Instagram, Apple, talking about word-of-mouth as a marketing strategy? [click to read more]

Social Media Bots. Are they bad?

You’ve probably heard about social media bots and maybe even dealt with one, without even knowing. What are social media bots? Are they healthy for your digital marketing strategies? Is your social media at risk? [click to read more]

Starting a Business During a Pandemic​

You are probably thinking about opening a business but are scared of taking the first step, particularly during COVID-19. We don't blame you-- we've also watched the news about the downturns companies such as Airbnb and Disney are going through.

Brand Positioning

You've probably heard this term many times and wonder what it really means. Let's try to condense this term the best possible way. It is, essentially, the first step into building your business/brand. Brand positioning is the process in which you answer basic questions that will enable you to [click to read more]