Every process starts from an idea.


Tell us about your goals, and we’ll convert them into ideas and build a specific strategy for you to accomplish your business’ goals. We believe that the best creative outcome happens when a group of people pitch in ideas. We include our clients in our brainstorming sessions so that the essence of their company/business is reflected in the final product.


We create  original material: from photos to videos

To create is our culture. We create videos, graphics, photos, and strategies to achieve the maximum online or in-person sales, and increase the online presence of your brand. Content creation is a way to create trust between you and your customers, so make sure your content creation game is strong!


If it is not on the internet,

it doesn’t exits.


Times have changed, and this generation believes in seeing a product online in order to believe it exists. That’s why we go through the process of thinking and creating so that we launch a specific and refined product based on your audience’s demands and company’s need.

NoVa brings you results

Who we are

We are innovators, creators, strategists, and risk-takers.

Why we are

We are also consumers, therefore, we understand how to approach different types of audiences in accordance to our clients’ needs.

Why Digital Marketing

We believe in the power of startups with a well-organized marketing plan and ambition to grow their business. Creating specific strategies to help startups grow their business and online presence is our strength.

What makes NoVa different

We are a small agency but we guarantee you the best results at the lowest prices in the market.

Case Studies

“I’ve trusted the marketing of my business to NoVa for a year now. They’re professional, creative and effective.”
Philip Velez
Senior Attorney

What our clients are saying:

“They make social media campaigns, videos, flyers, and posters creation look so easy. They are always on time with printed or digital work– never failed me.”
Melvin Peralta
RDW, Owner
“I came to NoVa with an idea of what I wanted my brand to look like. I did not only get that, but they also created social media campaigns that attracted local people to my business– just what I needed.”
Viriginia Gianesella
Language Coach

New York

We are conveniently located in Queens, New York, just 25 minutes away from Manhattan.

Open Hours

Mon-Fri: 9 am - 6 pm
Saturday: 10 am - 3 pm


86-34 53rd avenue,
Queens, NY 11373

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(929) 274-4086